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We provide two types of services that could be ordered together or separate:

  • Unique Australian corporate gifts customized / personalized for any occasion,
    such as symposiums, trade shows, annual meetings, corporate Christmas gifts, awards, Aussie weddings, Aussie parties, etc.

  • Australian gifts and party supplies (not customized) for all Australia themed parties, events, and projects

Some of our customers are

Companies & Corporations Organizations, Clubs, Schools, etc. People
Outback Steakhouse
Aboriginal Art decorations - boomerangs, didgeridoos, clapsticks and bullroarers Australian Embassy in Thailand
Traditional boomerangs, 6 inch Rod Sheridan
Inflatable kangaroos for street parade
Corporate clip-on koalas Australian Koala Foundation
Koala slippers Rich Raten
Platypus key chains for a Platypus party
Corporate boomerangs on printed stands The Down Under Tennis Club
Returning boomerangs, custom printed Bob Dubno
New York
Traditional boomerangs on stands custom printed
American Community Mutual Insurance
Corporate bullroarers Hamilton School
Dot Art color-in book Daniel & Jeannie
Jerky for wedding party
Kangaroo scrotum pouches The Social Graces
Dot art boomerangs on stands Tom van Beek
The Netherlands
Road signs for party

Our customers Feedback and Testimonials

G'day mate!!! It's Monday morning in New York and the boxes arrived this morning! 
I only opened one so far, but it looks great, just as I imagined.
You now have eleven months to come up with an idea for Christmas 2006. 
Thanks again Mike; it was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a great holiday!  Bob

Hi !  Just to say I thank you for our order that arrived today.
It took only 5 days from Australia to Ireland ! Good to know for a future order, those kangaroo jerkies are so addictive - our guests were thrilled  
Cheers,  Daniel & Jeannie

Our history and geography

We are running this unique International corporate gifts service since 1998 and receive thousands of "thank you" letters from our Customers around the World. Thank you for your feedback. It is important to us and we truly appreciate it.

Our business principle is absolute customer's satisfaction with not just product but complete service to the highest Customer's expectations.

We receive most corporate gift orders from
Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Czech, Poland, Russia.

Australia, USA and UK are the leaders, giving us more than 85% of all orders. Perhaps, this is a combined result of our advertising strategy and high probability of Aussie's parties, trade shows and business co-operation happening between these countries.

To our surprise (no ads there at all) we are getting more and more orders from Eastern Europe, Thailand and Turkey. It's either Australian businesses aggressively penetrating those markets or vice versa - we are getting aggressively penetrated - means more business for us, anyway :0)

The feedback is good and we keep it that way

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